GYP-SPAN® Radiant

Featured Application: Log Cabin residence, near Grantsburg, Wisconsin


Owner:R.J. and Deb Fritz
Project:Log Cabin residence, near Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Floor Assembly:Plywood
Square Footage:2,600 Square Feet
Application:GYP-SPAN® Radiant
Applicator:KMAC, Inc.

Imagine living in a rustic log cabin on a lake near Grantsburg, Wisconsin, with the freezing winter snow blowing furiously outside. Visualize sitting inside, book in hand, bare feet resting on the warm floor. This picture is a reality for Minnesota WCCO Channel 4 sportscaster, R.J. Fritz and his wife Deb. They designed this dream cabin, and made it a reality with the help of KMAC, Inc., a Licensed Applicator of Hacker Floor Underlayments.

GYP-SPAN RadiantKMAC, Inc. of Hutchinson, Minnesota, installed 2600 square feet of GYP-SPAN® Radiant in the nine room log cabin. GYP-SPAN® Radiant, a gypsum concrete floor underlayment specifically designed for use with radiant heating systems, is ideal over radiant heating tubes for uniform heat transfer, and is superior as a crack-free thermal mass. KMAC, Inc. was chosen for this project because of their reputation for quality work, recognized by the heating contractor, Bruce Wickstrom of Earth Energy Systems of Siren, Wisconsin.

The KMAC Crew was videotaped during the installation as part of the cabin building process, which will be aired on R.J. Fritz's show "Out 'N About." According to Scott Ryan of KMAC, Inc., "R.J. loves the floor, and the completed cabin will be a beautiful sight when the leaves start changing.

GYP-SPAN RadiantHacker Industries, Inc. supplies an entire line of gypsum concrete floor underlayments that provide superior strength and excellent sound control, with PSI strengths ranging from 1200 to over 5500. With over 100 UL listings, and approvals from ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI and HUD, Hacker Floor Underlayments are ideal for not only new construction, but also for renovation and repair.

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