Featured Application: Collings Teen Center, West Sacramento, CA


General Contractor:Sundt Construction, Inc
Project:Collings Teen Center
Floor Assembly:Concrete
Square Footage:12,000 Square Feet
Application:FIRM-FILL® 3310
Applicator:M&M Lightweight Concrete

M&M Lightweight Concrete, a Licensed Applicator of Hacker Floor Underlayments, and Hacker Industries, Inc. recently teamed up to help renovate a teen center in West Sacramento. Formerly the site of a Bank of America processing facility, the center was in dire need of a "little TLC" (and underlayment) to level out the concrete floors before it re-opened its doors to youth and community members in West Sacramento.

General Contractor Sundt Construction, Inc. donated their construction management services for the renovation project and recruited the industry’s top construction professionals and manufacturers to help with the facelift. West Sacramento-based M&M Lightweight Concrete and Hacker Industries, Inc. were chosen to join the project. M&M Lightweight Concrete provided their installation services free of charge, while Hacker Industries, Inc. donated FIRM-FILL® 3310 Gypsum Concrete Floor Underlayment.

M&M Lightweight Concrete installed nearly 12,000 square feet of FIRM-FILL 3310 over the damaged and uneven concrete surface. FIRMFILL 3310 was applied in various thickness, ranging from 3/8" to 1-1/2", to level the subfloor and create a smooth, flat, rocksolid surface for finished floor coverings. "We decided to pour FIRM-FILL 3310 for its exceptional compressive strengths," said Paul Carder, project manager of M&M Lightweight Concrete. "We wanted to create a surface that would be strong enough to withstand the heavy traffic of teenagers."

FIRM-FILL 3310 is an innovative gypsum concrete floor underlayment, which achieves compressive strengths up to 3300 psi, offers superior sound control and is an integral part of 1 -4 hour fire assemblies in new construction. Ideal for commercial and residential projects, FIRM-FILL 3310 is specially designed to decrease the amount of water use, offering a quicker drying time without compromising the floor strength.

When construction was complete on the new Collings West Sacramento Teen Center, it included a 200- seat auditorium, classrooms, activity centers and more. "Our entire crew was very proud to be a part of this renovation project for the West Sacramento community," said Carder.

Hacker Industries, Inc. has met the building industry's needs for high quality, dependable cementitious floor underlayments for more than 21 years. As well as being ideal for leveling uneven subfloors and capping poor concrete slabs in renovation, Hacker Floor Underlayments also provide increased sound control and over 86 UL listings in new construction projects. Hacker products have been installed on over a billion square feet of subfloor in multi-family, residential and commercial buildings throughout North America.

To reach M&M Lightweight Concrete, contact Paul Carder at (916) 371-4630.

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